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Cat Litter Scoop Aluminum Alloy Sifter Kitty Metal Scooper Deep Shovel Long Handle Poop Sifting Kitten Pooper Lifter
Name: cat little scoop
Material: Stainless Steel, Body:TPR & PP Blades: stainless
Application: cats
Net Weight: 118g
Size: 36*13.3CM
Product Description:
Deep Shovel Sifter Design:  2 Inch deep shovel is an upgrade version, it’s built to make poop scooping so easy, the smooth shape is designed for cover all the corners of your cat’s litter box and reach deeply for each scoop.

Functions: litter scooper shovel captures dirty, Serrated edge (Dull teeth) really help to loosen the litter from the bottom and sides of the litter box, which makes cleaning much faster & easier, wet clumps and sift only clean litter, crystals to easily pass through.This helps keep your kitty’s litter box fresh and clean.

Features: Deep Shovel Sifter was carefully developed by cat owners, WePet made this scooper with heavy duty quality, it’s durable, aluminum alloy body. The body is waterproof and very easy to clean, rust-resistant and corrosion resistant. It’s  highly recommended by cat lovers for everyday use.

Premium Material: Full aluminum alloy cast-built body, comfort grip handle, all together make this scooper long last for years. 

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